Patient Stories

Kathleen | Patient thanks Dr. Vitale for leg treatment

Thank you so much for the wonderful job done on my leg. You have a great heart, and I admire your talents. I am looking forward to speedy healing. Thank you so much for sharing your light. MORE >

Meghan G. | Young patient returns from school after treatment

In two weeks time, she was at the beach looking for shells, climbing a lighthouse and in the ocean (supervised and when the ocean wasn’t rough). She was also able to start school that week on time, 2nd grade. With the help of her pillow, she was able to make it through the whole day. MORE >

Gabriella M. | Infant Born with Congenital Pseudarthrosis of the Tibia

He was looking at her quality of life overall. He saw a whole person. He didn't just see a leg that's broken, "let's try to fix it" or "let's amputate it." He was really looking at the whole person, and that, to me, was very important. MORE >

Hagar M. | Trials and treatment of scoliosis

Let me just start by saying Dr. Vitale is an expert in his field, every question I had was answered and every worry I had would be gone by the time I left his office. Dr. Vitale took the initiative in telling my family and I that wearing the brace was no longer helping me and that we needed to ... MORE >