September 03, 2018

A new study featured in Current Orthopaedic Practice

A new study featured in Current Orthopaedic Practice co-authored by Drs. Benjamin Roye and Michael Vitale MD MPH “Nonoperative treatment of infantile spinal deformity”.  This was published in Current Orthopaedic Practice: September/October 2018 – Volume 29 – Issue 5 – p 436–439

The conclusion of this article is that “The last few years of research on infantile scoliosis has reaffirmed earlier findings: progressive curves in this age group respond best with early casting (less than 2 yr of age) in smaller, idiopathic curves (under 40 to 50 degrees). This is a message that cannot be overstated, as it has been reproduced in every study. However, when these criteria are not met, there is still a role for casting as a certain percentage of patients with even large idiopathic curves can have their curves resolve, and at worst growth friendly surgery can be delayed, often by several years. Future studies should help resolve the role for casting in nonidiopathic scoliosis as well as further delineate the cognitive and psychosocial impact of multiple anesthetics on this population.”

Please follow the link above to read the article in its’ entirety or you can find the PDF version of it here.