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This is a 12 year old who had prior spine surgeries abroad that consisted of hemivertebrectomy, short fusion and insertion of a VEPTR. She proceeded to have multiple lengthenings overseas. She also had a VSD that was repaired, DDH that required an open reduction of the hip and a horseshoe kidney.

She came to New York for another opinion, and they stayed for her surgery and post operative period. Dr. Vitale performed a 3-stage surgery on her that involved plastic surgery and neurosurgery. Her surgeries consisted of removal of VEPTR, application of halo, and detethering of spinal cord that was done as a combination surgery with orthopedics and a neurosurgeon, Dr. Neil Feldstein.

This was then followed by halo traction in the hospital for a month. Her second stage consisted of halo removal, posterior spinal fusion and instrumentation and vertebral column resection with Dr. Peter Angevine and plastic closure by Dr. Ascherman. She then had a final stage with completion of her T2-pelvis spinal fusion and instrumentation 5 days later with Dr. Angevine and plastic surgery closure by Dr. Imahiyerobo.