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This is a 17-year-old who was born with a condition called spina bifida (myelomingocele). This can cause problems with walking, bladder control, and other functions. Because of this condition, she developed scoliosis around the age of 2 ½ years old. This type of scoliosis is classified as “neuromuscular” because it is primarily caused by imbalances in nerve control (neuro) and muscle strength (muscular).

In order to fix the spinal curvature, Dr. Vitale performed surgery to place rods and screws in the spine to help realign and support the bones. Because she was diagnosed at such a young age, the type of rod chosen was a growing rod, which allowed Dr. Vitale to perform procedures over time to make the rods longer as she grew!

Once she was done growing, Dr. Vitale performed a final surgery called a posterior spinal fusion which holds the spine in place and makes sure that the correction is maintained. The fusion was from T2-pelvis because of the underlying diagnosis to decrease risk of progression above and below the instrumentation.

Now, 4 years after her fusion surgery, she is doing well with a better posture and a straighter spine.