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Isabella was ten years old when she first came to our office upon the recommendation of her pediatrician for suspected scoliosis. Isabella is very active playing tennis and soccer. Isabella clinically appeared to have slight asymmetries at her shoulder and flank. Her X-rays showed curves measuring 29, 22, and 16 degrees.

Upon discussion of natural history of scoliosis during rapid growth, Isabella and her family chose to proceed with a TLSO brace and Schroth Physical Therapy. Isabella committed  to wearing the brace 16-18 hours per day.

After a year of the Boston TLSO, Isabella and her family came to our office to discuss switching to the Rigo-Cheneau style brace as Isabella approached a developmental stage of rapid growth. Isabella remained a competitive tennis player throughout her bracing and schroth.

After a year of using the Rigo-Cheneau style brace, Isabella added a proximal piece to the brace to be worn at night to help control progression of proximal thoracic curves above the brace. At that time her curves were measuring 46 and 41 degrees. As she continued to grow, Isabella’s curves increased to 50 and 37 degrees. Isabella and her family decided to move forward with the selective posterior spinal fusion from T3 to T12.

Six weeks after spinal fusion, Isabella was back to school and participating in selective sporting activities with no complaints of pain. At her one year surgical anniversary visit, Isabella was looking great and reported coming in #2 in her recent county tennis tournament.