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This is a now 5 year old who we met at 8 months of age with a 29-degree major curve with an RVAD of approximately 25 degrees. This was a supine xray. He then came back 4 months later and had a standing xray that showed a 40 degree curve with an RVAD of 53.

He underwent 4 Mehta style scoliosis casts. He had good correction in the cast but continued to bounce back after the cast was removed and progressed to a main curve of 55 degrees. After the 4 casts, he was then transitioned into a brace.

He had good correction in the brace showing a curve in the brace of about 32 degrees. Unfortunately, his curve continued to progress despite bracing with a Boston style TLSO. It progressed to 74 degrees and he was also having pulmonary symptoms that we believe the scoliosis was contributing to.

We spoke about the options, and he had a MAGEC insertion from T3-L3. He is currently undergoing MAGEC lengthenings. His thoracic curve is 24 degrees and his lumbar curve is 22 degrees after MAGEC insertion. He will need a final procedure to convert his MAGEC rod to a final fusion when he is much older but for now the MAGEC rod is holding his scoliosis stable.

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