Category: Pediatric Scoliosis Educational Meetings

Safety Summit Recap 2024

Summary of the Safety in Spine Surgery Summit's Program | Fri., May 31, 2024, the opening speech was given by Michael Vitale, MD MPH. This was followed by nine sessions of safety-focused content. See the full program of content. Read More

POSNA 2024 Meeting Update

The format of the 2024 POSNA meeting, featured 250 podium presentations and 200 ePosters carefully selected from over 1300 submitted abstracts. This is the most pediatric orthopaedic science ever presented at the podium. Michael G. Vitale, MD, MPH, gave a variety of presentations at POSNA, 2024, including: "Osteotomies at The Time of Graduation Surgery: How Much Do We Get from Them?," "Distribution of Curve Flexibility in Idiopathic Scoliosis—A Descriptive Study," and more. Read More

Mon., March 4 | Third “Lunch & Learn” Webinar Featured Kate Bacigalpo, PT, DPT

Mar. 4, 2024 | Guest Speaker: Kate Bacigalpo, PT, DPT | Columbia Pediatric Orthopedics hosted the third edition of our Lunch & Learn webinar series. The series, held five or six times per year, is designed to improve scoliosis and spine care by providing participants and faculty a forum for interaction and collaboration. On Monday, March 4, 2024, the series continued with Ehler-Dahlos Syndrome and Hypermobility Syndrome Considerations in your Adolescent Patient with AIS. Read More

Dr. Vitale Attends PSF Leadership Retreat 2024

Another Pediatric Spine Foundation leadership retreat to remember! Not only is there camaraderie and friendship, but you will also find a driving passion among this group that propels each individual to contribute their best to our mission of helping children with scoliosis. Read More

Michael Vitale, MD Presents at IPOS 2023

At IPOS 2023, Michael Vitale, MD, MPH spoke on the following topic: "SMA Spine: From EOS to PSF to Intrathecal Access," on Wednesday, Dec. 6th. He also participated in the Q&A/Case Discussion following the session. On Thursday, Dec. 7th, Dr. Vitale presented, "Scoliosis in AMC and Bruck Syndrome: How to Navigate the Challenges." He also participated in this session's discussion with a panel of other professionals. Later that day, Dr. Vitale contributed to Case Presentations and Discussions. He also presented, "Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (Small Group-Based Discussion): Neuromonitoring Challenges." Read More