November 19, 2018

Dr. Michael Vitale Co-Chairs 12th Annual ICEOS Meeting

Dr. Michael Vitale Co-Chairs the 12th Annual ICEOS (International Congress on Early Onset Scoliosis) meeting in Lisbon, Portugal.  He also spoke on a myriad of topics including

  • The Debates: SAI/Pelvic Screws (Paul Sponseller) vs S Hooks (Michael Vitale)
  • Paper # 3: Consensus-Based Best Practice Guidelines (BPG) for Use of Preoperative Halo Gravity Traction (HGT) for Pediatric Spinal Deformity
  • Paper # 34: Relationship Between Subjective Health Related Quality of Life (HRQoL) Outcomes and Objective Pulmonary Function Testing
  • How do we Optimize Comprehensive Care in EOS?  Moderators: Peter Newton, Michael Vitale
  • Paper # 41: Comparing Risk of Unplanned Returned to the Operating Room (UPROR): Magnetically Controlled Growing Rod (MCGR) System vs Prosthetic Rib Constructs (PRC)

Dr. Michael Vitale remarks:

“Finishing up another great international congress of early onset scoliosis. Proud that we attracted record attendees and amazing faculty. We continue to learn how to improve care for these kids.” – Michael Vitale MD MPH