October 11, 2023

Dr. Vitale Interviewed About Safety in Spine Surgery Month

Dr. Derek Lee interviews Dr. Michael Vitale about Safety in Spine Surgery Month. Learn about the inspiration for founding the Safety in Spine Surgery Project (S3P) and the impact the organization has had already.

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The upcoming Safety in Spine Surgery Summit (an in-person meeting) is scheduled for Friday, May 31, 2024. Read about the topics for this summit and watch for more details to come.

Dr-Michael-Vitale-Safety-Summit-Dr. Derek Lee Interviews

Dr. Michael Vitale Interview with Dr. Derek Lee—Safety in Spine Surgery Month

“In 2008 we had infection rates that were terrible…We did a whole bunch of things. That was the first best practices guideline that this group put together—best practices on how to avoid surgical site infection. In 2009 we had ZERO infections…Leaders getting together, sharing stories—sharing best practices, allows us all to do better.” — Dr. Michael Vitale