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“What to Expect: Non-Operative Care”




What to Expect: Non-Operative Care—Summary

Scoliosis can be a frightening diagnosis. You will have many questions about treatments and care. We have designed this Non-operative Spine & Scoliosis Care book to provide you with information about scoliosis in general and non-operative options that are available at Columbia.

At Columbia Orthopedics, a group of scoliosis experts work hand-in-hand with families to create a care plan specifically suited for each patient. This is made possible by the combination of the most up-to-date, safest, and effective treatment options, and the support and advice of our spine specialists.

Columbia Orthopedics is dedicated to providing sensitive, age-appropriate care to children and their families throughout their scoliosis journey. We understand that the emotional impact of scoliosis can be as intense as the physical demands, and we are here to support you.

Non-operative care is an approach to the treatment of scoliosis focused on avoiding surgery. Currently, bracing and physiotherapeutic scoliosis specific exercises (PSSE) are the non-operative methods that we use to treat scoliosis. The number of hours that the child wears the brace matters—patients who wear the brace more have a greater likelihood of success, including not having to have surgery. That is why these options require a serious, prolonged commitment from the patient and family, as well as a skilled medical team consisting of orthopedic providers, orthotists, and physical therapists.

Each team member brings a unique set of strengths and skills to the treatment process. By working cooperatively the team is able to address all aspects of your care. We understand that the treatment of scoliosis affects the entire family, and we are committed to encouraging and empowering you throughout this process.

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