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Perioperative Orthopedic Quality & Safety Newsletter | July, 2023

Dr. Michael G. Vitale, Vice-Chair, Strategy & Quality, Columbia Orthopedics Quality Team, is pleased to share this quarterly newsletter with you.

Happy Summer from the Columbia Orthopedics team! We are excited to continue sharing our perioperative quality updates and reading list for this quarter. Since our last issue, we have welcomed two Quality & Performance Improvement (QPI) fellows, Erin Butrico (2021-2022) and Chinenye E. Ezeh (current: 2022-2023), and a new fellow (Melanie Brown, 2023-2024) who will join the team in July of this year.

As the current fellow, Chinenye has been leading several quality and performance improvement initiatives across the hospital, including projects related to wrong site surgery, surgical site infections, blood ordering & testing, and perioperative efficiency improvement for total hip & knee arthroplasty procedures.

July, 2023

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