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NYP Advances Newsletter with Dr. Vitale


Please browse through the following issues of NYP Advances, The Pediatric Orthopedics Newsletter. Below, find the list of archived editions of this informational publication. Simple click the blue button below each title to see more details and read the full article.

05.24.2023 | Personal Perspectives: Creating a Novel Self-Reported Questionnaire for Patients with EOS

04.25.2023 | Measuring SSI Risk In Pediatric Spine Asymmetry Surgery

03.24.2023 | Assessing Shoulder Following Anterior Vertebral Body Tethering

02.22.2023 | Improving Treatment For Pediatric Spine Asymmetry

01.10.2023 | Exercising Due Diligence With New Technologies In Spine Surgery

10.13.2022 | Thoracic Tether Vs. Fusion: Criteria And Outcomes