February 16, 2018

Scoliosis questionnaire featured in the AAOS Headline News

In this week’s AAOS Headline News, they featured the Scoliosis questionnaire (EOSQ-24) that is published in the Journal of Pediatric Orthopedics March 2018 Issue.  They state that “the Early-Onset Scoliosis Questionnaire (EOSQ-24) may be a valid tool to evaluate patient-reported outcome measures among patients with early-onset scoliosis (EOS)”

Find this week’s AAOS Headline News here

Dr. Michael Vitale was one of the authors on this study for the Early-Onset Scoliosis Questionnaire (EOSQ-24) and the CUMC research team developed and validated the EOSQ-24.  The goal of the questionnaire is to improve quality of life and decrease caregiver burden.  The EOSQ-24 is being used around the world to assess QOL in EOS, and has been translated/validated in Spanish, Turkish, and Chinese.  There are also ongoing efforts to translate it into other languages as well.  You can find the abstract here and the full research paper here

Also for practitioners here are the links to the actual EOSQ24 and the EOSQ24 Scoring