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Gianna’s Idiopathic Scoliosis Journey

August 27, 2019

Gianna’s idiopathic scoliosis journey started when she was 7 months old. After much research, I came across Dr. Vitale and have never looked back. He was our true hero from day one. Gianna’s curve had increased to approximately 81 degrees by the time she reached two years old. He eased our worries and assured us that he would guide us through it all. From Gianna wearing a brace to casting to VEPTR to MAGEC surgeries and lengthenings—she has endured it all—she hardly complained and surely never hesitated in trying or doing any activities. Her condition never stopped her!!!!

Dr. Vitale’s patience, knowledge and expertise led us to where we are today. Gianna is now 12 years old and just had her spinal fusion in January 2019—”bent no more.”  Dr. Vitale and his staff are our second family—forever in our hearts!

My message to all seeking the best scoliosis care for their children is to keep the faith, and know you are in the best of hands with Dr. Vitale!


Thank you for your heartfelt care and kindness,

Lauretta (Gianna’s mom) and Gianna