May 14, 2023

Everything was seamless.

From the very first consultation to the 6 week post-op visit after my 15 year old daughter’s scoliosis surgery, our experience was phenomenal. Everything was seamless. To the connnect site, preoperative visits, techs, nurses, PTs, every single nurse, doctor and team that interacted with me, my husband and daughter at Morgan Stanley Childrens hospital was spectacular. Dr. Vitale and his team are nothing but friendly, informative, reassuring, kind, patient and professional. Dr. Vitale and his OR team including anestesia, neurology and plastics took excellent care of my daughter before and after the surgery and did an amazing job correcting her curve and monitoring her. Plastics, PT and the pain management teams were also amazing after her surgery getting her up and around, ensuring her pain was minimal and her scar site healed beautifully. The communication was top notch and in fact because of her experience, she may now seek out a future career in physical therapy. She no longer has the pain she endured for the last few years and while she and we were scared, and the first couple weeks after were a little challenging, she says she would do it all over again in a heartbeat. I truly can’t say enough wonderful things and am so grateful for the new painfree life and confidence that has been given to my daughter. Thank you to Dr. Vitale and his entire team along with everyone at Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital. This is why we chose to travel 2+hours….for the best all around care! —Markie P.