August 15, 2015

Five Stars.

We were very happy with the care my daughter received from Dr. Vitale and his staff. We were not expecting to have to undergo scoliosis surgery, but when we realized that it was necessary, we moved ahead with confidence. Members of his staff scheduled the necessary pre-op tests, bloodwork, etc. for us; and since we were coming in from Long Island, they made sure our appointments were all in the same day and well spaced apart. The surgery itself went very well. Dr. Vitale personally came out afterward to assure us that our daughter was fine and that the surgery was a success. During our hospital stay, we were well attended by the doctor, his residents, a pain management team, the anesthesiologists, and physical therapists.

We were given clear instructions when we were sent home, and any questions that arose were answered through the patient portal within a day or so via email. The 10 day and 5 week followup appointments were conducted with the same efficiency and caring as was our first. The prospect of surgery is very daunting, but Dr. Vitale and his staff made the experience go so smoothly. We are very happy to recommend his expertise to anyone. Self-verified Patient of Dr. Michael G. Vitale