December 21, 2023

Michael Vitale, MD Presents at IPOS 2023

December 5–9, 2023, IPOS (International Pediatric Orthopaedic Symposium) took place in Orlando, Florida. The Mission of IPOS is to provide the highest quality pediatric orthopaedic education to learners and practitioners of all levels.

In support of this mission, Michael Vitale, MD, MPH spoke on the following topic: “SMA Spine: From EOS to PSF to Intrathecal Access,” on Wednesday, Dec. 6th. He also participated in the Q&A/Case Discussion following the session.

On Thursday, Dec. 7th, Dr. Vitale presented, “Scoliosis in AMC and Bruck Syndrome: How to Navigate the Challenges.” He also participated in this session’s discussion with a panel of other professionals.

Later that day, Dr. Vitale contributed to Case Presentations and Discussions. He also presented, “Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (Small Group-Based Discussion): Neuromonitoring Challenges,” with Moderator, Firoz Miyanji, MD, FRCSC. This was followed by his speech entitled, “Summary: How I Repond to Intraop Monitoring Changes.”

On Friday, Dr. Vitale shared two presentations: “Managing Your Micro-Environment: What’s Your Currency?” and “Setting the Stage: What Is Quality, Safety, Value, in Spine and Healthcare and How Is the Landscape Is Changing?”

IPOS-12-2023-Dr. Michael Vitale-Amber Mizerik, Dr. Rosenwasser

IPOS Learning Objectives:

  • Describe foundational aspects of pediatric orthopaedic principles and techniques
  • Analyze and incorporate innovations and advances in pediatric orthopaedic surgery when applicable
  • Identify potential for and apply improvements to your practice and treatment/outcomes optimization plans
  • Practice hands-on techniques for a wide variety of procedures to improve performance
  • Develop a growth mindset, soft skills, and emotional intelligence for practice success

Reasons to Attend IPOS®:

  • Learn how to effectively diagnose common and uncommon pediatric orthopaedic conditions
  • Hear about effective non-operative treatment of diagnoses in pediatric orthopaedics
  • Understand the common surgical procedures that can effectively improve the lives of children with these conditions
IPOS - International Pediatric Orthopaedic Symposium 2023 - cover

“Somehow IPOS just keeps getting better. Kudos to POSNA and the course directors, Dr. Suken Shah and Dr. Derek Kelly, for redefining best in class. Pediatric Orthopaedic education. Once again learned much more than I taught.” — Dr. Michael Vitale

What Is IPOS®?

This four-day meeting covers the spectrum of pediatric and adolescent orthopaedic conditions—from frequently-seen problems to rare conditions that demand specialized care. Discover new insights and return to your practice with a greater knowledge of today’s leading-edge issues in pediatric orthopaedic surgery.

Recognizing the increasing complexity, diversity, and subspecialty interests within pediatric orthopaedics, IPOS® provides a format for registrants to customize their learning experience to their unique practice needs. In addition to focused lectures and case discussions, registrants may choose from over 40 breakout sessions, demonstrations, hands-on technical workshops, and industry-sponsored satellite sessions.