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Your Child’s Spine Surgery

What to Expect

Dear Parent,

Here is a link to an information book that will help you plan spine surgery for your child.  Please review the information and discuss with your Primary Care Provider and any specialists your child sees.

We are extremely proud of our spine service here at NewYork-Presbyterian/Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital (MSCHONY).  As a major center for the treatment of children with spine issues, we benefit from a wide range of experience treating all types of children with scoliosis. This experience has allowed us to develop protocols and checklists that help us to deliver the safest and best experience to you and your child.

In fact, we have led the development of best practice guidelines in this area and are heavily involved in clinical research and national governance in the area of pediatric spine care.

Within this document, you will find a snapshot of recent publications by our physicians.

All of this attention to detail translates into the best possible experience and outcome for your family and child. For example we have one of the lowest infection rates in the country.
As the major children’s hospital in the NY area, Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital is a collaborative pediatric hospital where we benefit from a range of expertise including Pediatric Anesthesiologists, Pediatric Pulmonologists, Pediatric Pain Physicians, Pediatric Neurosurgeons, Pediatric Physical Therapists and many more.  Post-operative pain, for example, is expertly managed by a dedicated experienced team of anesthesiologists who will follow your child closely.

Our goal is to deliver the best experience possible to your child and your family during what we recognize is a difficult time. Thank you again for entrusting your child’s care in our hands.  Please contact us if you have any further questions.


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