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We met Aiden when he was 3 years old for a second opinion in regards to his recently diagnosed scoliosis. He was already in a brace by the time we met him but his out of brace xrays showed a curve of 56 degrees that did not improve in the brace. He was also later diagnosed with underlying Marfan Syndrome as well. After reviewing all the options with the family, it was decided to move forward with scoliosis casting. He underwent 4 Mehta style scoliosis casts with Dr. Vitale in the OR. These were changed every 2–3 months. The casting was able to hold the scoliosis at around the 50 degree curvature over that year. They then transitioned to a brace over the summer for a casting holiday and the curve was 35 degrees in the brace. He was 4 at the time and the decision was made to continue the bracing which he did well with.

At the age of 7, his curve started to increase again and it increased to 62 degrees. At that point, the MAGEC (Magnetic Expansion Control) System was now an option so Aiden had a MAGEC rod placed from T3-L3. The MAGEC lengthenings occur in the office with a lengthening device. They occur about every 4 months. He had 11 lengthenings and then transitioned to a final posterior spinal fusion and instrumentation from T3-L3 at the age of 12. Both surgeries were performed with a plastic surgeon closure to decrease his risk of infection.

He is several years out from his final fusion and doing great.