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Patient was a 9 year old when she presented to us but the pediatrician had noticed the scoliosis a few years prior. Her older sister was also a patient of ours who had spondylolisthesis that required surgery followed by a 2nd stage posterior spinal fusion for her scoliosis. Patient presented to us with a surgical curve but because of her age, the decision was to proceed forward with a Shilla.

At the time of moving forward with surgery, she had curves from T1-T5 of 23°, T5-T12 of 59°, and T12-L4 of 42°. She was Sanders 1-2 at that time as well. She had a normal MRI. She went on to have the Shilla and did very well with this. The Shilla is not meant to be a permanent solution.

It was time to revise her hardware and her instrumentation was changed from a Shilla procedure to a final spinal fusion. She is now over 4 years out from her fusion and having no issues or problems.