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Samantha was a 15 year old that presented to Dr. Vitale with a large scoliosis. She had been diagnosed at age 11 and was also having back pain. She had tried bracing and therapy prior to seeing Dr. Vitale. The curve was beginning to impact her quality of life so they sought Dr. Vitale out for another opinion.

They proceeded forward with a spinal fusion and instrumentation. She went from a 55 degree curve that was causing deformity and back pain to a 15 degree curve. In her words Sami says “I used to dream of swimming at the Olympics. But as my scoliosis created a curved, twisted, painful spine, I thought I would have to give up that dream. I had not been swimming for over two years when I met Dr. Vitale. He told me I would be able to swim again. Now recovered from surgery, I am back in the water and doing better than I had ever imagined. Dr. Vitale not only fused my spine, he gave me back my dreams!”

This impacted her so much in a positive way that Sami has now gone on to be the founder of SHIFT Scoliosis www.shiftscoliosis.org. Their purpose is to “provide education, support, and connections to medical care via trainings and global outreach programs.”

We are so proud of Sami for her perseverance in bringing this foundation to life and look forward to seeing her accomplish all of her future endeavors.