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Jack came to us as a second opinion at the age of 9. He had recently been diagnosed but wanted another opinion. He had 21 and 20 degree curves at that time. He started with Schroth physical therapy and did great with this.

A year later his curve progressed and he was prescribed a Rigo Cheneau N brace which is a nighttime brace. He continued to have progression so we transitioned him to a full time Rigo Cheneau style brace (prescribed 16-18 hours a day) but he wore it part time between 9-13 hours.

His curve continued to progress into a surgical range. His curves measured 45, 54, and 21 proximal to distal at his preop appointment. Because the lumbar curve was flexible, he was able to have a selective thoracic fusion from T2-L1 at the age of 15. Post operatively, he is back to surfing and doing great overall.